Taking your story from its first draft to its first reader

“There is no greater agony than bearing an untold story inside you.” 

― Maya Angelou

To relieve the story teller's agony.  

It is for this very purpose that we editors exist.  Authors have a story they long to tell and it is our goal to help them see their burden lifted.

Run on sentences, misspelled words, plot holes, and uninteresting dialogue.  These are a few of the "obstacles" that stand in the author's way of getting their story across to their readers.  Whether the problem is at the leaf (word), branch (sentence), or forest (book) level, I will help authors deal with these "obstacles" by analyzing their stories, identifying problems, and guiding them to potential solutions.

The ultimate result will be elated readers and authors that are free from the agony that has been building up for far too long.

For the sake of the story,
David Shinsato

Approach to Editing

My pledge is to help authors write the story they want to write, not the story I want them to write.